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Youth at Risk

The program Youth in Difficulty brings together services intended for young people aged 5 to 24 who have developmental or behavioural problems, or with social adaptation difficulties (delinquency, violence, suicide, etc.).

This program is also intended for young people who need appropriate assistance to ensure their safety and development (abuse, negligence, etc.), or to avoid the latter from being compromised. This program also includes services for the families of the youths involved.


Services Offered

The team Youth in Difficulty is composed of: 
• Social workers
• Psychoeducators 


This team can intervene for the following problems:
• Behavioural problems: physical or verbal violence
• Family problems
• Issues related to children who witness domestic violence

• Victims of abuse and neglect
• Problems related to violence among peers
• Various adaptation problems


Services Access

To make a referral, the school must go through the school social worker*.

*Not all schools have their own social worker.


If that is the case, referrals are made through Psychosocial Intake.