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Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Team of the West Island HSSC exists under the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety (AOHS). Composed of nurses, occupational hygiene technicians, physicians, administrative assistants, occupational hygienists, an ergonomist and a coordinator, it's primary mandate is to support workplaces in order to eliminate at the source, risks that could affect the physical integrity of workers.


Its operations are based on a principle of equal representation, therefore the collaboration with employers and workers, in the goal of the latter assuming responsibility for safety in their workplace.
The main mandates of the Occupational Health Team are to: 

• Identify and assess the health risks of workers.
• Provide information about health risk situations.
• Offer support for management of the workplace (consulting expertise).
• Screen for work-related illnesses.
• Create health programs specific to each organization. 
• Respond to emergency situations. 
The team serves more than 1,100 organizations on the territory of the West Island HSSC, the Southwest Verdun HSSC as well as the Lachine-LaSalle-Dorval HSSC and is responsible for all the construction sectors on the island of Montreal. In addition to the construction sector, these organizations focus particularly in various economic sectors such as the transportation industry, the transformation of metal product industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the food and beverage industries.


The offices of the Occupational Health Team are located at 1405 TransCanada Highway in Dorval. For information: 514 630-2225, extension 3100.