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Women Health

Montreal Women’s Health Centre  

The Montreal Women’s Health Centre is a community organization composed of women who primarily work in gynecological health. It offers services of voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP), contraception, gynecological consultation, etc. 



Women’s Centre of Montreal  

The Women’s Centre of Montreal helps women in difficulty or distress. It offers food, aid, clothing, and linguistic integration services, as well as legal information, various workshops and training, etc. 



Centre des femmes West Island 

Centre for women: health education, leisure and work programs; art, music and gymnastics programs for children. 



Cloverdale Multi-ressources 

Help, support and reference for immigrant women. 



Elizabeth House 

Day Centre, short and long-term housing for pregnant women or those with small children. 

Integration program. 



Refuge pour les femmes de l’Ouest-de-l’Île 

24 hour telephone consultation. Temporary housing, individual sessions and support groups for battered women and children. 



Other community agencies offer services linked to women’s cancer and general health. You can get information from the West Island Community Resource Centre.