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Youth at Risk

Action-Jeunesse de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (AJOI) 

AJOI Street workers offer on-the-spot intervention services for teens in trouble. The workers encourage teenagers to discover and develop alternatives to the streets and provide them with the opportunity to speak about their needs. 

514 292-1270


Ado-Cause (Sacado) 

Anonymous psychological consultation for adolescents and young adults. 




Alateen is a mutual help group for minors whose lives have been affected by the alcoholism of a family member or close friend. 




Consultation for young people who are victims of abuse, anger management, home intervention program for adolescents and family therapy. 



Youth Centres 

Both youth centres on the Island of Montreal offer services to children and young people aged 0 t 18. They specifically address young people who need protection or who have committed offences while offering support to their parents. They also provide services in family mediation, adoption, family background research and reunions. 


Centre jeunesse de Montréal



Batshaw youth and family centres  

Centres offering children and their families adoption, placement, research and family mediation services as well as Superior Court expertise. 



Bartimaeus Inc 

Mediation for children, adults and families, offered at affordable prices. Interventions in several fields: educational, medical, etc. Psychosocial intervention in times of crisis.



Éducation Coup-de-fil 

Professional telephone consultation service for all family members and young people’s circle of friends.



Family Life Center 

Consulting services for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing problems or with low income.



Parent Line 

A telephone service specialised in parent-child relationships. For parents only.




Listening, guidance and referral service available at all times. 



Pavillon Foster – Youth Services 

Treatment and rehabilitation of Youth suffering from alcoholism, drug-addiction or problem gambling. 

514-697-4111, extension 1553


Youth Protection Services

To report a case to the Director of Youth Protection (DYP). 


The DYP intervenes mainly in situations where a child is:

• abandoned; 

• a victim of neglect;

• a victim of psychological mistreatment 

• a victim of sexual abuse;

• a victim of physical abuse

• experiencing serious behavioural problems;

• at risk of being a victim of neglect, sexual or physical abuse.


Social Emergency Youth Protection Services 

For support in case of family crisis 

7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 



Other community agencies offer Youth services. You can get information from the West Island Community Resource Centre



Note: Under the terms of the rights recognized by the Code civil du Québec, youths who are 14 year old and older can obtain health services in complete confidentiality.