Doctors and pharmacists zone

List of medical clinics and pharmacists



Opening hours of network clinics and GMF Brunswick, Medistat, Statcare/Stillview from June 22 to July 3, 2015, and on Labour Day.


Medical Clinics
Family Medicine Centre

3400 du marché Street, D.D.O., suite 202
H9B 2Y1


Brunswick Network Clinic and et Family Medicine Group (FMG)

955 Saint-Jean blvd, Pointe-Claire 

H9R 5K3 



Medical Centre Kirkland 

100-17000 Hymus blvd, Kirkland 

H9J 2W2 

Dr Abtahi: 514-426-3422

Dr Czaharyn: 514-693-0260

Dr Delle Donne: 514-421-1000

Dr Jackson: 514-773-9995

Dr Klein: 514-694-6459

Dr Moin-Darbari: 514-426-5927

Dr Trinh: 514-426-7161


Pierrefonds Medical Centre 

12774 Gouin W. blvd, Pierrefonds 

H8Z 1W5 



Sainte-Anne Medical Centre 

11 Sainte-Anne Street, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue 

H9X 1M2 



Lakeshore Medical Clinic 

38 Canvin Street, Kirkland 

H9H 4S4 



McDermott Medical Clinic 

37 Donegani avenue, Pointe-Claire 

H9R 2V7 



Mariam Medical Clinic 

4531 des Sources blvd, Roxboro 

H8Y 3C2 



Médistat Network clinic and et Family Medicine Group (FMG)    

4965 Saint-Pierre Street, Pierrefonds 

H9H 5M9 



Source unique Medical Clinic

4309-C Saint-Jean blvd, D.D.O. 

H9H 2A4 



Statcare Network clinic

104-175 Stillview avenue, Pointe-Claire 

H9R 4S3 



Stillview Family Medicine Group (FMG)

155-175 Stillview avenue, Pointe-Claire   

H9R 4S3 

Dr Abadir: 514-697-4017

Dr Breger: 514-697-1525

Dr Campbell: 514-697-4017

Dr Cosulich: 514-697-5917

Dr Janzen: 514-697-6387

Dre Kwiatkowska : 514-697-6387
Dr Kyle: 514-694-6455

Dr Mamalingas: 514-697-6770

Dr Mitrica: 514-697-1529


Médi-Centre Kirkland 

2971 Saint-Charles blvd, Kirkland 

H9H 3B5 



Dr Chapdelaine

16 Sainte-Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

H9X 1K8



Dr Cohen

12 Canvin Street, Kirkland

H9H 4S4



Dr Cohen

20 Canvin Street, Kirkland

H9H 4S4



Dr Dollois

202-269 Saint-Jean blvd, Pointe-Claire

H9R 3J1



Dr Dowel

217-269 Saint-Jean blvd, Pointe-Claire

H9R 3J1



Dr Fiset

4928 Saint-Jean blvd, Pierrefonds

H9H 4B2



Dr Gut 

101-4465 des Sources blvd, Roxboro

H8Y 3C1



Dr Hachachena    

4928 Saint-Jean blvd, Pierrefonds

H9H 4B2



Dr Lillie

72-C Sainte-Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

H9X 1L8



Dr Mehta

547 Shakespeare Avenue, D.D.O. 

H9G 1A4



Dr Naimi

1B-50 Sant-Charles blvd, Beaconsfield

H9W 2X3



Dr Popovici 

4928 Saint-Jean blvd, Pierrefonds

H9H 4B2



Dr Scandar

17 555, Gouin W. blvd, Pierrefonds



Dr Thivierge

202B-86 Sainte-Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

H9X 1L8


Medical Clinics that are not part of the Network 


200-17001 Transcanadienne Street, Kirkland

H9H 5J1



Brunet Medical Clinic

310-315 Brunswick blvd, Pointe-Claire

H9R 5M4


List of pediatricians and GPs specialized in working with children 


Haber, Léo-Richard & Westwood, Michael   

Plaza Baie-D’Urfé

14-90 Morgan Road

H9X 3A8




Des bouts de chou Medical Centre

203-3400 du marché Street

H9B 2Y1 



Enfant-Médic Clinic

3221 des Sources blvd

H9B 1Z6 



Dr Levi 

26 Silverbirch Street

H9A 2L3



Dr Morin

181 Spring Garden

H9B 2N5



Dr Neuman

12 Belcourt Road

H9A 1X7




Dr Lévesque

2971 Saint-Charles blvd

H9H 3B5



Dr Metrakos  

2971 Saint-Charles blvd

H9H 3B5




Youth Health Clinic

100-14 770 Pierrefonds blvd

H9H 4Y6



Dr Magnani

17910 Antoine-Faucon

H9K 1L2




Brunswick Medical Centre

300-955 Saint-Jean blvd

H9R 5K3



Gulyas, Julianna & Ricot, Pierre-Jacques

Plaza Pointe-Claire

215-269 Saint-Jean blvd 

H9R 3J1


Your pharmacist, a resource close to home 

There are more than 400 pharmacies throughout Montreal, making the pharmacist a very accessible professional. You should not hesitate to consult one when you are suffering from a benign health issue and when you have a question about drugs (both prescription and non-prescription). 


The following services are offered in Montréal pharmacies: 

• disposal of medications;

• prescription of emergency oral contraception (morning-after pill);

• information on drugs (interactions, side effects, directions);

• advice in the choice of over-the-counter drugs, including natural health products;

• recommendation of a pharmacological therapy adapted for smoking cessation and directions for it.


Several pharmacists work with other health professionals to offer services such as vaccination clinics, lipids assessment, asthma follow-ups, hypertension and other chronic disease workshops. Find out! 


Good communication: the key to safe drug use


When you meet your pharmacist to pick-up medication, it is essential to communicate the information they need to help you properly. 


You must let them know: 

• all current medications used (whether prescription or over-the-counter); 

• all natural health products, vitamins or homeopathic products used;

• if you suffer from a particular health issue; 

• if you smoke or drink alcohol;

• if you have food or  drug allergies;

• if you are pregnant or nursing.

By always going to the same pharmacy, you make sure that your pharmacist has your complete pharmacological file, which avoids repeating this information during every visit. 


In addition, when you go to pharmacy to obtain prescription drugs, make sure you know the health issue that requires the drug! 

There is a pharmacist is in your neighbourhood

Accès pharma Wal-Mart Kalliopi Athanasoulias
17 000, Transcanadienne Highway, Kirkland H9J 2M5
Tel.: 514-695-7544
Fax: 514-695-1423
Familiprix Roger Simard & Nathalie Turgeon
308, ch. du Bord du Lac, Pointe-Claire H9S 4L5
Tel.: 514-695-9900
Fax: 514-695-1636
Jean-Coutu  Karim Chata & M-A. Desriveaux
105-955, Saint-Jean bvld, Pointe-Claire H9R 5K3
Tel.: 514-694-7635
Fax: 514-694-7407
Jean-Coutu Karim Chata & M-A. Desriveaux
2900, Saint-Charles bvld, Kirkland H9H 3B7
Tel.: 514-695-1545
Fax: 514-695-0983 
Jean-Coutu Fadlallah Nouha & Michel Abras
3900, Saint-Charles bvld, Pierrefonds H9H 3C6

Tel.: 514-696-3897
Fax: 514-696-3965

Jean-Coutu Louis Legault
12774, Gouin W. bvld, Pierrefonds H8Z 1W5
Tel.: 514-684-1282
Fax: 514-684-9269
Jean-Coutu Louis Legault & Lyette Boulé
3347, des Sources bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 1Z8
Tel.: 514-683-5460
Fax: 514-683-0811
Jean-Coutu Louis Legault & Karine Legault
4894, des Sources bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H8Y 3C7
Tel.: 514-684-6131
Fax: 514-684-2436
Jean-Coutu Sylvie Arbic
558, Jacques-Bizard Street, Ile-Bizard H9C 2H2
Tel.: 514-620-9616
Fax: 514-620-4968
Jean-Coutu Valerio Tomaselli
4930, St-Jean bvld, Pierrefonds H9H 4B2
Tel.: 514-620-7920
Fax: 514-620-9844
Jean-Coutu Yves Dubeau
485, Beaconsfield bvld, Beaconsfield H9W 4C3
Tel.: 514-695-3322  
Fax: 514-695-4610
Pharmacie Grégoire Arakelian (Costco)
5701, Transcanadienne Highway, Pointe-Claire H9R 1B7
Tel.: 514-426-3017
Fax: 514-426-0267
Pharmacie Clinique Santé AJ McDermott
37, Donegani Street, Pointe-Claire H9R 2V7
Tel.: 514-697-1410
Fax: 514-697-1411
Pharmacie Clinique Santé André Elkaim
1, Holiday Street, Pointe-Claire
Tel.: 514-694-4087
Pharmacie Centre Santé A. Benryane (Maxi)
6381, Transcanadienne Highway, Pointe-Claire H9R 5A5
Tel.: 514-697-6777
Fax: 514-697-2551
Pharmacie Centre Santé Marie Kazarian (Loblaws)
4849, Saint-Jean bvld, Pointe-Claire H9H 2A9
Tel.: 514-620-5529
Fax: 514-620-5166
Pharmacie Clinique Santé William Berryman
14770, Pierrefonds bvld, Pierrefonds H9H 4Y6
Tel.: 514-624-6606
Fax: 514-624-2980
Pharmacie Clinique Santé Luka Hodhob
17000, Hymus bvld, Kirkland H9J 2W2
Tel.: 514-694-5050
Fax: 514-694-8405
Pharmacie Centre santé F. Melas & A. Desjardins / Loblaws
16 900, Transcanadienne Highway, Kirkland H9H 4M7
Tel.: 514-426-6662
Fax: 514-426-5455
Pharmacie Clinique Santé Seymour Weiner
3400, du Marché Street, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 2Y1
Tel.: 514-684-8860
Fax: 514-684-8861
Pharmaprix Heba Muhey
161-175, Stillview avenue, Pointe-Claire H9R 4S3
Tel.: 514-697-8866
Fax: 514-697-0638
Pharmaprix Faouzi Fassatoui
4301, Saint-Jean bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9H 2A4
Tel.: 514-626-4477
Fax: 514-626-4262
Pharmaprix Nada Nasreddine
50, Saint-Charles bvld, Beaconsfield H9W 2X3
Tel.: 514-697-4550
Fax: 514-697-2265
Pharmaprix Nada Nasreddine
3790, Saint-Charles bvld, Kirkland H9H 3C3
Tel.: 514-426-1011
Fax: 514-426-8657
Pharmaprix Nora Al-khoury (Fairview)
C28-6815, Transcanadienne Highway, Pointe-Claire H9R 1C4
Tel.: 514-695-4211
Fax: 514-695-7986
Pharmaprix Nora Al-khoury
11797, Pierrefonds bvld, Pierrefonds H9A 1A1
Tel.: 514-421-2525
Fax: 514-421-2115
Pharmaprix Soad Tawfik
3781, des Sources bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 2K4
Tel.: 514-685-0707
Fax: 514-685-4343
Pharmaprix Marco Vernacchia
10, de la Triade Place, Pointe-Claire H9R 0A2
Tel.: 514-426-1081
Fax: 514-426-1866
Pharmaprix Suzanne Fradet
4955, St-Pierre Street, Pierrefonds H9H 5M9
Tel.: 514-624-8838
Fax: 514-624-9788
Proxim Shadia Fahim & Fady Kamel
3135, des Sources bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 1Z6
Tel.: 514-683-0149
Fax: 514-683-9292
Proxim Marie-Jolimise Gourdet
9515, Gouin W. bvld, Pierrefonds H8Y 1T7
Tel.: 514-684-3360
Fax: 514-684-7032
Proxim Ralf Mokbel
90, Morgan bvld, Baie D'Urfé H9X 3A8
Tel.: 514-457-6777
Fax: 514-457-6030
Unipharm Jean David
3627, des Sources bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 2K4
Tel.: 514-683-6000
Fax: 514-683-6706
Uniprix B. Chalati & M. Mahrouse
1109, Hyman Street, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9B 1M5
Tel.: 514-683-3022
Fax: 514-683-8922
Uniprix Maciek Zarzycki
88, Sainte-Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue H9X 1L8
Tel.: 514-457-5681
Fax: 514-457-8357
Uniprix Normand Bonin
3708, Saint-Jean bvld, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux H9G 1X1
Tel.: 514-620-9160
Fax: 514-620-1196
Uniprix Pierre Bergeron & Marisa Sgro
2963, Saint-Charles bvld, Kirkland H9H 3B5
Tel.: 514-694-3074
Fax: 514-694-5705
Uniprix Pierre Gravel
277, Saint-Jean bvld, Pointe-Claire H9R 3J1
Tel.: 514-695-1122
Fax: 514-695-2845
Uniprix P. Dvorak, C. Lacroix & C. Heng
4886, Saint-Charles bvld, Pierrefonds H9H 3E2
Tel.: 514-626-3838
Fax: 514-626-7702
Uniprix Marcin & Hubert Zakrzewski-Jakubiac
13005, Gouin W. bvld, Pierrefonds H8Z 1X1
Tel.: 514-675-3999
Fax: 514-675-6475