Doctors and pharmacists zone



Lakeshore General Hospital

If someone drops you off or picks you up at the Hospital via the main entrance, there is no parking fee. However, it is not authorized to park in this area. If you expect to spend a few days at the hospital, ask someone to drive you to the hospital and back home to avoid having to park your car in the visitors’ lot. 


There is a maximum fee of $14 a day for parking. When you enter the parking lot, you will receive a coupon at the gate. Please keep this coupon. When you are ready to leave the Hospital, you must insert it in one of the automated pay stations. There is one located at the main entrance, one at the Ambulatory Centre and another in the Emergency department. From this moment on, you will have 15 minutes to leave the Hospital parking lot. To open the gate, simply slide the coupon in the reader at the gate. 


If you must come to the Hospital several times a day or month, you may obtain a pass from the automated pay station. A monthly pass costs $80 and is payable by credit card. 


Parking rates: 

0 to 30 minutes: free

31 to 60 minutes: $12

61 to 90 minutes: $13

91 minutes and over (max 24 h): $14

Monthly pass: $80 

Preferential rates for patients needing recurring care
The Lakeshore General Hospital is offering a monthly access card at a preferential rate of $25 for patients needing recurring care (Hemodialysis and Oncology).


CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis

Payment at the parking terminal.


CLSC de Pierrefonds 

Parking is free.


Centre d'hébergement Denis-Benjamin-Viger

Parking is free.