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CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis and de Pierrefonds Foundation

About the foundation

The CLSC Lac-Saint-Louis and Pierrefonds Foundation has existed for more than 10 years and has collected funds used to carry out projects linked to the health and the social services departments of the CLSC of Lac-Saint-Louis and Pierrefonds.  These funds make it possible to assist with people who have lost autonomy and the families of children or teenagers who have particular needs: subsidies for a child or a teenager with a disability to take part in a day camp, to offer respite to an overloaded family, to buy specialized equipment, etc .


Requests for assistance are submitted by the front line professionals of the CLSC: doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists etc.


Since the Foundation is comprised of volunteers, most of your donations go directly to the beneficiaries.


To reach us:

For further information, please leave us a voice mail at the following number: 514-697-4111, extension 1681 (CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis) or at 514 626-2572, extension 3898 (CLSC de Pierrefonds). We will call you back  as soon as possible!    

By email:


Mailing address: Fondation des CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis et de Pierrefonds, 180 avenue Cartier, Pointe-Claire (Québec)  H9S 4S1.


Over the last two years, the Foundation has helped over 200 people in our community with more than $50,000.  


On line at the following secured site:

By cheque or credit card. Simply fill out the attached coupon and mail it to:

Fondation des CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis et de Pierrefonds

180 Cartier Avenue

Pointe-Claire, Québec

H9S 4S1 


Hi !  I am a single mother and I have two autistic boys. My ex-husband used to give us financial support but he lost his job. Thanks to your generous donations, my boys will be able to go to camp, receive needed stimulation and allow me to continue working during the summer. 


My name is Tammy. My husband died three years ago. I cannot work because I have to look after my three kids, two of whom have very special needs : M. is 9 y.o. and is autistic, J. is 8 y.o. and has Down’s syndrome. Your financial support has allowed them to attend camp this summer to enjoy a more stimulating environment and at the same time provide much needed respite for me. Thank you ! 


I am a 23 year old woman with a severe degenerative illness, Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA), which creates motor and visual impairment, dysphagia and communication difficulties. My mother and older sister suffer from the same illness and cannot look after me. The Foundation is allowing me to spend time at Camp Massawippi this summer which is so different from my daily life! 


My 15 y.o. boy has been diagnosed with severe developmental delay and demands constant supervision and attention with his daily needs. I have to work full time as I am a single mother and have 2 other children. I am so exhausted that I ended up in therapy myself. What a relief to learn that he will be able to go to camp this summer. Many thanks ! 


I am a single father and have custody of my 2 children. One of them is intellectually challenged and blind; he must go to a specialized camp this summer. My annual income is around $10,000 and without the CLSC Foundation I would never be able to afford such a camp. I am so grateful ! 


This little boy suffers from a condition called family dystonia :  his body cannot tolerate heat because of his blood pressure, his eyes do not produce natural tears and he is fed by gastrostomy. Therefore he needs an air conditionned environment during the summer and the CLSC Foundation will help pay his fees at the Dollard Centre for the Arts. 

Board of Directors

President: Thomas J. Fisher

Vice-President: Pierre Laplante

Secretary: Louise Bergeron-Fisher 

Treasurer: Santo Fata 


  • Kim Fata 
  • Richard Germain 
  • Johanna Koppes 
  • Suzanne Lavallée 
  • Lise Martin
  • Tom Merson 
  • Arnold Van Nieuwburg