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Characteristics of the Population

A detailed picture of housing in the West Island

Vivre ensemble dans l'Ouest-de-l'Île, a document drafted by the Community Organisers of the West Island Health and Social Services Centre. (December 2014)

Population Data

Highlights of population data according to the 2006 census. 



Total Population  216,702

0-5 y.o.: 13,669

6-17 y.o.: 36,908

18-44 y.o.: 78,112

45-64 y.o.: 60,395

65-74 y.o.: 14,497

75 years and up: 13,127


Socio-economic Conditions

Immigrants: 51,670

Mother tongue other than English or French: 2,050

Homes with only one person: 2,050

Persons less than 18 y.o. living in one-parent family: 6,945

Without a high-school diploma (20 years and up): 20,070

Living below poverty level: 24,805 


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For more information, consult the Website of the Espace montréalais d'information sur la santé (EMIS).