Doctors and pharmacists zone

Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the West Island HSSC stems from its responsibility towards the population and its role with its clients and partners within the health and social services network. It includes 4 major components:

- Knowing the state of health and welfare of the population on its territory and ensuring leadership in actions undertaken to improve it;  


- Managing and coordinating the use of general and specialized services made available to the population on its territory and taking appropriate measures to manage, accompany and support patients in order to ensure continuity of care between the various  care episodes required within the health and social services network; 


- Optimally managing the range of services offered,  ensuring that such services are effective,  efficient, relevant and adapted to the expectations of patients and the needs of the population; 


- Informing, consulting and engaging the population, and knowing the population’s level of satisfaction regarding the services offered and the results obtained. 


The West Island HSSC wants to be recognized for the excellence of its service and the quality of its interactions with the population of its territory, its clients and its partners, as it is supported by the commitment and mobilization of its personnel. 


Organizational Values

  • Respect for everyone, without any distinction 
  • The courage to do what has to be done and to persevere with integrity 
  • Collaboration to achieve the whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts 
  • Accountability in carrying out the responsibilities assigned 
  • Common good before individual interests