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Users’ Committee and Residents' Committee

Users’ comittee

The Users Committee is committed to ensuring that all healthcare and social services are provided in a manner that respects your dignity and privacy.  


Your rights:

• To receive appropriate healthcare and social services in a continuous and personal manner, according to the availability of the facilities and resources.

• To always have access to social and healthcare services without being the victim of discrimination.

• To choose your own physician or the hospital of your choice; however, a physician has the right to refuse to treat you. 

• To remain in the hospital until you are able to return home or be admitted to another institution.

• To accept or refuse all care after being informed about your condition and the various relevant options and consequences. You must give your consent in writing before anesthesia or a surgical procedure.

• To receive all services in French or English.

• To be treated with respect for your privacy and to have access to your medical records within the limits permitted by law. 

• To be accompanied or assisted when you want to obtain information, lodge a complaint or take measures regarding the services offered by the HSSC. 

If you believe that your rights have been infringed on, or if you need help to lodge a complaint, please do not hesitate to call us.   


Who are we? 

The Users Committee is composed of volunteers who offer their services and who are elected by the Hospital’s users. 


Members :

• Evelyn Meaney, présidente (LGH user)

• Joan Wills, vice-présidente (LGH user)

• Anne Belisle, secrétaire (CLSC Pfds user)

• Christine Beaudin (LGH user)

• Louis Bellemare (residents' committee)

• Catherine Bubnich (LGH user)

• David Jones (CLSC Pfds user)

• Clare Valliere (LGH user)


Your comments are important! 

From time to time, we conduct patient surveys. Your comments are always welcome and your opinions help us continue to improve the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a problem or any concerns.  




Users Committee 

West Island Health and Social Services Centre 

160 Stillview Avenue

Pointe-Claire, Québec 

H9R 2Y2 

514-630-2225, extension 1453 


Residents’ committee

The Residents' Committee has been established to ensure that your health care and physical needs are met while preserving your dignity, autonomy and privacy while you are at the Centre d’hébergement Denis- Benjamin-Viger. Should you believe that your rights are not being respected, or should you require assistance, we are here to help.  


For more information, read our brochure that is available in the lobby of the Centre. You can get in touch with us by: 

- Leaving a message at 514-620-6310, extension 3500 

- by putting a note in the SUGGESTION BOX located in the lobby. 


All suggestions and remarks will remain confidential. 




  • Claudel St-Pierre
  • Thérèse Depocas
  • Monique St-Pierre
  • Germaine Sylvestre 
  • Sophie Dallalian
  • Nicole Houle Gauthier
  • Mario Iacovelli
  • Judy Warren Leonard
  • Art Leonard
  • Desmond Malrolly
  • Paul Rotmar